Montana is a great place for a vacation. It is absolutely beautiful! There is so much to do from sight seeing to riding the rapids.


Positano, Italy
A great get away when you are in Rome visiting your daughter and it's your 20th anniversay.

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Favorite Vacation Spot
Lake Tahoe--California and Nevada

It's in two states! It's water; it's mountains; it's hiking; it's relaxing.
Dino's Pick

Lake Tahoe--California and Nevada (in the Summer)
I totally agree with Dino. Warm, dry, sunny days with tons of stuff to do or not to do. Can't beat it.
AB's Pick

Maui, Hawaii
This is the greenest place I have ever been. Everywhere is green, except for the black sand beaches which are also breathtaking. Warm, relaxing, beaches, whale watching, scuba diving- beautiful!
Lynette's Pick

‚ÄčMonteverde, Costa Rica -- Gayle's Choice!
P1010019.JPGAlthough I haven't been to Monteverde on vacation, I would LOVE to take my family there to experience the serenity and ruggedness of the cloud forest of Monteverde. Many people travel to Costa Rica, but can often be found on the coastal areas enjoying the beautiful beaches and hot weather. Monteverde is up in the mountains in the cloud forest, and is about 20 degrees cooler than the coastal areas. It boasts (well, I boast) the best coffee from Bella Tica. If you care to visit, you can arrange a stay at the University of Georgia campus in Monteverde. They'll plan an excellent adventure for you and your family. And you can feel good about it too because you'll be volunteering to help the local farmers.

Cape Cod-Nantucket and the Vineyard-surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it's all about sailing, swimming and clambakes. kit's pick
for summer!

Orlando, Florida - JL's pick!
Lounging on the beach, lots of wildlife, and fun places to go! A picture of dolphins at Sea World.

I'm all for St. Thomas!

I went to a wedding here and it was a fairy tale! The view and weather was incredible. Completely relaxing and memorable! ~Kara's pick
Wedding Gazebo
Wedding Gazebo

My favorite place that we have vactioned (so far) is the southwest. We toured around the Grand Canyon for 9 days. The sites were the most spectacular I have ever seen.

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My favorite place was Hawaii. We went to Honolulu (Oahu) and I loved it. It beats all of the Caribbean islands I have visited. I have heard that Maui is even better, so I am looking forward to going back some day! ~Gail

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