JL's favorite restaurants
  • Sushi - Tokyo sushi in Troy and Birmingham (I HIGHLY recommend the Sushi Boat! A little bit of everything)
  • Indian - Ashoka
  • Japanese Udon noodles and sushi - Ajishin in Novi - a really small place that always has a huge line
  • Mediterranean - La Marsa in Troy and Bloomfield
  • Pizza - Alibi Pizza in Troy (REALLY good pizza!)

Cheryl's faves:
Roanoke Virginia's best restaurants
  • CAfe DeMongo
  • Anita's Kitchen-Ferndale
  • Assagio-Ferndale

Robin's Favorite Restaurants:
  1. Rangoli's in Auburn Hills or Rangoli's Take-out in Sterling Heights
  2. Mind, Body and Spirits in Rochester
  3. Tokyo Sushi in Troy

Angie's Favorites:

Stephanie's Favorites:
  • Stillwater Grille in Brighton or Lansing
  • Olga's
  • P. F. Changs

Carolyn's Favorites:
Cafe Muse in Royal Oak - a wonderful place for breakfast/brunch and lunch, fresh ingredients and yummy everything
Pita Cafe in Birmingham - Mediterranean, quick, cheap, delicious

Karen's Favorites:
Slow's - It's so tough to decide if it's the pulled pork or the brisket that's more worthwhile, but everything's delicious. They also have a great beer list, if you're so inclined.
Roast - If you're a carnivore looking for some upscale dining, this is the only place you should consider. Don't even think about going somewhere else.